Art- and Scannerspecialtransports

Because we were not able to find a company that’s able to deliver like we want it to, we decided to do everything necessary for success on our own a long time ago.

Comparing prices means comparing performance and our elitist goal is being capable of realising the technically possible anytime.

Because of that, we have got a Mercedes Sprinter with a hydraulic platform, an auxiliary heating and video monitoring for smaller assignments, an air-sprung Mercedes Atego with 1.5 tons extra long hydraulic platform for medium tasks and  a Mercedes tractor-trailer with air cushioning and air conditioner and a semi-trailer that’s at-grade lowerable, allowing us to transport products like large scale scanners and works of art anonymously on an inner surface of 11,37 meters length, 2,42 meters width and 2,6 meters height.

This area is liftable from ground level to a height of 1,4 m with a Ruthmann lift cylinder. The lift cylinder possesses a lifting capacity of 18,5 tons. Ramp shipment is no problem, as is shipment at ground level. In addition to that, the vehicle is very quiet.

To grant you the best possible comfort while you accompany your  project, our VW van offers every comfort imaginable, from  mobile internet and a Firewall capable of SSL to the necessary ambiance.