LivingImage Cert:

standardised, contract proof High-End Scanning to create digital originals

In the printing industry the offset printing standard of process with it's accurate defined tolerances guarantees a metrological verifiably precise colour produktion.

Comparable is the media standard print guaranteed for proof systems and printing data generation.

There is no such branch-accepted standard in the digitalisation sector right now, although the specifications exist for several years. With our 20 years of experience as a digitalisation  specialist, we decided to clear this deficit and to accomplish pioneering work. The result of our intensive discussions with experts and users is the LivingImage certification whose acceptance as a branch standard we expedite.

Higher ambition is a defined standard process for technical and aesthetic optimal preservation of analogue originals and accordingly cultural assets. So the Use of this work can be guaranteed for a long time with Longlife-Backups.

 Living Image Zertifikat


 IT8 Kalibration