Assisted Scanning Concept

A generally known and established way is to let a service provider digitalise your originals as a remittance work. The disadvantage: Your influence on the result is limited (e.g. shutter priority, contrast, colour-range, details, etc.)

LivingImage therefore has another concept: Our goal is to offer you the greatest possible flexibility and a maximum influence on the result.

This means: You use our equipment to scan on our own authority with our already installed Workflows, which are precisely adjusted and arranged.

On top of your unlimited liberty, you have the additional advantage of never having to give away your originals. At the same time you are able to profit from the long time Know-how of an established Top-provider and you can increase your knowledge about High-End scannings and Colour Management by communicating with other professionals.

Naturally, there is always a completely installed Colour-Management-Workflow with the best and up-to-date Hardware at your disposal, including hardware-calibrated Wide-Gamut monitors.

Since the problems and tasks are always dependent on the scope of your order and the type of your originals, please simple contact us, so that we can make a customised offer for you.



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