Certification procedure & tolerances for Li Cert

The LivingImage certificate (“LI Cert”) certifies a customer that the digitalisation-service provider follows exactly defined standards. The certificate is therefore predominantly used as a quality-proof for customer acquisition and house advertising.

The basic idea of the LI Cert is to transform valuable analogue originals into “digital originals” and to completely preserve the brilliance of the colours, tonal value, contrast range, etc… For that certain parameters of the scanning process, the image format, and the archiving are standardised.

The testing process is done with a standardised LI-certification guideline, whose measured values are hand-measured.

Within the scope of the certification, following parameters are tested and documented:

  • Transformation of analogue originals into so called digital originals with 48Bit RAW/HDR format
  • Averaged Delta E-discrepancy concerning all targetfields=maximum 1,9 dE
  • Colour space transformations exclusively in the 48 Bit modus
  • Implementation of continuous colour-management-workflows
  • Delivery or processing of image-data with a correct colour profile
  • Scanning adjustments are optimised with regard to grain-/grid-structure of the original
  • Actuality of the machine care = max. 1 year
  • Acutality of the scanner calibration = max. 5 workdays
  • Application of certain, and extremely gentle cleaning techniques, so that your originals are not damaged
  • Application of certain supplies.

Please contact us, if you would like to promote your business with the LivingImage certificate.

Living Image Zertifikat


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