Equipment rental

In the project-business it is possible that you can only achieve the requested High-End quality with certain software-equipment. On top of that, there are projects whose security-status does no allow the release of the originals that need to be digitalised.

In these cases we offer our rooms to place everything at your disposal what you need for your project, e.g. hand-selected High-End scanners (up to 25.000 dpi, physical resolution), hard-and software, or training data and information.

If you wish, we also offer to setup a complete Color-Management Workflow according to your needs, which you can use until your project is done. Optional, you can also buy or lease the equipment after your project is done, if you wish.

Naturally, we supervise you with all the questions around the operating and the usage with our excellent support.

Please contact us, so that we can make a customised offer for you.