Re-digitalising of high-definition microfilms
For scan-resolutions up to 25.000 DPI (physical) you can use our High-End scanner in order to generate excellent re-digitals of your microfilms in the best-possible quality.

Our room for digitalisation can be operated air-conditioned and secured. We also offer to make an equipment-software-combination available for you.

Reconstruction of print-data
If original print or image data are not available anymore, existing samples can be digitalised with our high-end scanners with perfect colours and attention to detail. The quality-loss in comparison to the original data is extremely low.

Colour separated film as well as screened or halftones (transparencies and reflecives) can be processed.

A following picture editing within the scope of our Assisted Scan Concept is also possible, e.g. the touch-up of trims or folded edges, punched holes or punchings or the adding of missing letters; even the re-setting of complete text-parts is possible.

In order to achieve predictable results, there are colour corrections generated within a complete colour-management workflow.

Magnification process
In certain cases (e.g. in the case of an extreme magnification of photographs), a re-digitalisation of a analogue original can lead to visually better results than the extrapolation via an interpolation method.

With our hand-selected and certified high-performance scanner and with our know-how, we will also support you in that task.

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